What to Wear for Your Engagement Session?

Engagement Session – What should I wear?!

One of the biggest questions, what should you wear to your engagement session!? There are tons of places to go and millions of things you could wear! How do you break it down? Here’s what you need to think about.

Where are we going?

Most people think of engagement sessions as standing in a picturesque field, or flirting through a park; and if that’s what you want, it can be! Is the session in the city? A field? The beach? The carnival? What look are you going for? Once you pick your location that helps you figure out what would be best to wear. Something to consider is making your engagement session personal to you.  Think about your favorite places to go, how you met, or moments you like to spend together. If you’re huge hockey fans, let’s shoot at an ice rink. Are you great at cooking, or love to game?  Maybe an at home session would truly show your relationship. You guys love hiking? To the mountains we go. Maybe you’re both obsessed with Chick-Fil-A – let’s get some chicken and shoot a session!

Wear clothes that are you

You want to be comfortable! If you don’t ever wear dresses then this wouldn’t be the time to buy one. Don’t wear something that is constricting, if you love a pair of shoes but they kill your feet, don’t wear them. It’s not worth feeling uncomfortable and having that show on your face. You want to be happy during your session because it will show!

Compliment, don’t match

There is a time and place to match exactly and unless its truly planned out, your engagement session probably isn’t one of those times. You can wear neutral tones, your wedding colors, or colors chosen specifically to celebrate your engagement. You can wear the same colors and style while wearing something different. Often one person will wear a pattern while the other wears a solid color that blends with the pattern. Button downs are always a great go to with just about any dress.

Think about the season

It is important to gauge the time of year and the weather expectations when deciding on your engagement session. The below examples give more ideas on what type of engagement session you will be creating at that time of the year.

Fall // Winter

Spring // Summer

One or Two Outfits for your engagement session?

I always suggest two outfits – one casual and one a little more dressy.  This allows us to get a variety of images and moments not limited by one specific look. Two is what I suggest, but I understand that for some couples that is more work and something they don’t want to worry about. And that’s okay!

You don’t have to go full “red carpet” attire but a nice blazer with a plain shirt and an elegant dress make for a killer look. On the other side, jeans and a nice shirts will never go out of style. Keep it you!

Still need a little help? Let’s chat! I would love to go over outfits with you!

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