Grace + José | Engagement Session | Downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL

Getting to Business

While I was down in Florida shooting a wedding we decided it was the perfect time to capture Grace and Jose’s engagement session. Grace’s twin brother is a dear friend of my husband and myself. When he told us she was getting married he jumped on sending her my info. I am so glad that he did! One phone call later we were planning her engagement session and working out wedding details.
I’d never been to this part of Florida before and I was so taken aback by it beauty. As a mountain girl it’s always fun shooting in a new area, especially when the environment is so different from where we currently live. Grace and I talked about shooting at two locations within 15 minutes of each other; their rooftop and downtown. I couldn’t believe how many yachts were casually floating by the river while I waited to meet them. This was literally not only a gorgeous area but a classy one.

Downtown and Rooftops

We started at the park in downtown Fort Lauderdale and worked our way around it, from an abandoned restaurant to the docking area and over to the gorgeous sculpture Thrive by Daniel Popper. This area was more city and FULL of people because there were about five different festivals going on at the time. We snagged a few shots in front of the work of art before heading to their rooftop.
When we got to the top I was a little worried about time but it was the prefect pink sunset and everything below was glowing! I wish we had more time but once that sun starts it doesn’t stop. We captured as many images as we could before the night set in. I am so excited to capture their wedding this summer!

Looking for your photographer? Let’s make magic!

Looking for an engagement photographer? Let’s make magic!

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