Top 5 Wedding Day Essentials

Bridal party cheering while the bride and groom kiss

Wedding planning can be—and often is—very stressful! There are so many things to think about! Navigating all of the moving pieces takes a LOT of work. But don’t worry, I am here to help! Although planning out all of the details can make your head spin, when it comes time for the big day, you should be stress free! Here are five wedding day essentials that will help make your wedding as smooth as possible:

bride and broom signing marriage license

01 | Marriage License

If you want your marriage to be legal, don’t forget to stop by the courthouse on your way to the altar! Make sure you’ve got this ahead of time. Many couples choose to sign their license before the ceremony, and then give it directly to the officiant so it’s already set to go. But no need to fear! If you’re too lovestruck to sign beforehand, your officiant will make sure it’s taken care of before they leave.

02 | Task Assignments

Keeping track of all the little things that need to be done the day of your wedding is NOT a job for the bride or groom. You will be too busy to take care of small tasks. You can’t do it all, nor should you. It’s your wedding day! Make a list of what needs to be done, assign the tasks, and then put someone you trust in charge of making sure everything is completed. If you don’t want to worry about assigning your friends or family these jobs, then hiring a wedding coordinator is an excellent idea!

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bride getting her make up done

03 | Emergency Kit

Even your perfect day can come with a few hiccups. To prepare, pack yourself a small bag with the essentials. This trusty kit should be for all personal emergencies. It can include make-up, deodorant, feminine products, chargers and medicine. You never know when you might need a quick touch up, a charge, or a Tylenol. I’ve got you covered for just about everything else you’d need the day of! Not only do I carry my camera, but I’ve got bobby pins, a sewing kit and even a back up veil just in case.

04 | Change of Shoes

Don’t get me wrong, the perfect shoes are a MUST to compliment your dress, but heels or dress shoes aren’t always comfortable to wear for hours on end. I highly recommend bringing another pair of shoes to change into after photos. You’ll be much more comfortable and your feet will thank you!

bride and groom showing off their shoes
bride and groom kissing during light saber send off

05 | Getaway Bags

Leaving directly from your reception on your honeymoon? Preparing your bags beforehand helps SO much! Make sure you pack an overnight bag that has everything you need for after the wedding. You’ll want comfy clothes, snacks and anything else you may need to unwind. Stow it away in the car beforehand. This way, you can make a quick getaway and don’t get stuck looking for everything you need at the end of the night.

Wedding planning can seem like a lot, but trust me, once it all comes together it will be so worth it! These five wedding day essentials will make your big day a little less hectic and a lot more magical!

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