If you are wanting crazy, unique and different I am your girl, want to climb to the top of a cliff? Dive into a waterfall? Or travel somewhere basically out of this world?

You've found your photographer.

I am the type of person that truly wants to give each couple images that are the epitome of their relationship, totally, 100% YOU. I am creative, nerdy and all about putting your passions into whats captured. 


I'm                 , 


I am really weird and LOVE to quote random movie or show quotes literally all the time.
(I am a fan of most Pixar films and will quote shows like; Brooklyn 99, The Office, Parks and Recs, Letter Kenny and some random thing you've never heard of.)



I have a few obsessions; I collect vintage cameras, they decorate our home, Elephants, are everything I DREAM to swim with them one day, DOGS, there is not a dog that I wont give my love too, bring them to sessions, I keep treats in my car and I am ready to give all the scratches. 


We currently live in Knoxville, TN. Open for travel world wide. (And I mean it!) We're heavy travelers and try to see as many of God's creations as we can, on a budget of course. A perfect little boy came to us January 2019 and we fell completely in love with the newest addition to our family we decided we needed another one! We're expecting a baby girl June 2021. Our South Korean, teacup Maltese, Busan (AKA Boo) is slowly growing to love our growing family as much as we do, kinda. 
After dipping my toes in photography in high school, I experimented with sessions and styles, and the romantic side of me found my passion in couples and weddings, so for the past six years that is what I have devoted my business too! Though I do love a good portrait session and I am always up for trying just about anything.

These are my people.

Did we just become best friends?


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