Amanda + Spencer | Carnival Session | Knoxville, TN

When the carnival is in town, we clown around

Amanda and Spencer are seriously such a sweet couple! I shot their elopement a few months ago and it was a total blast! We have been great friends with them since we moved to Tennessee. I knew that when we would do a session together again it would be just as fun as their elopement. There are tons of places to shoot sessions that can fit with your personalities. These sessions not only capture a moment in time but they can also represent your relationship. You can shoot in a field, the top of mountains, in your favorite bar, at your home. The options are endless! When we were brainstorming ideas we wanted to do something fun different and it just so happened that the carnival was in town for a week. Like in the parking lot of our Knoxville mall. This was definitely a smaller setup, literally a fraction, compared to the session I did at the fair.

We went right as the rides opened which made it easy to get images without anyone in the background. It was fun walking around with them and being able to do all these poses without really having to worry about other people. The lights and all the colors made for great backdrops, it gave for such a great variety while we were moving around. We had a blast laughing our way around the carnival while Amanda and Spencer jumped on each other and joking played games. It was sprinkling the whole time we were shooting but the down pour didn’t come until after we were in our cars. Thankfully! Because I didn’t bring a bag or anything to cover my camera. It was worth the sprinkles, I love how these turned out!

Looking to plan your next photo session? Let’s chat!

Looking to plan your next photo session? Let’s chat!

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