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Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! A wedding reception is a joyous occasion where friends and family gather to celebrate your union. One way to make your reception even more memorable is by including some fun wedding games for your guests to enjoy. One of the biggest regrets brides have from their wedding day was not having planned events for guests. Here are some ideas for games that will keep your guests entertained and make your reception even more special.

Cocktail Hour Wedding Games

Wedding Photo Scavenger Hunt

A photo scavenger hunt is a fun game to get wedding guests interacting with each other and the wedding venue. Create a list of items or situations for guests to take photos of, such as “a photo of someone dancing.” The first person to complete the scavenger hunt wins a prize.

Bride and Groom Trivia Game

The Bride and Groom Trivia game involves the wedding host or DJ asking the couple a series of questions before the wedding, such as their favorite food or first date experience. The questions can vary in nature and be customized to suit the couple’s personality and interests. Later, during the wedding reception, the same set of questions is asked to the guests. Guests can write down their guesses individually or in teams. Once all the questions have been answered, the host reveals the correct answers, and the guests tally up their scores to determine the winner, who may receive a prize or recognition. This wedding game is a fun and engaging way to involve guests in the wedding reception and get to know the couple better.


Karaoke is a classic activity that is sure to get your guests up and dancing. Set up a karaoke machine and have guests take turns singing their favorite songs. This is a fun and entertaining activity that will keep your guests laughing and dancing.

Lawn Games

If you’re planning an outdoor wedding, setting up lawn games can be a great way to entertain your guests. Games like cornhole, giant Jenga, and bocce ball are easy to set up and can provide hours of entertainment. Make sure there’s ample space for them to play and someone to take charge of organizing games and tournaments. By incorporating lawn games into your wedding celebration, you can create a relaxed and fun atmosphere.

Board / Card Games

Playing board or card games at a wedding can be a fun and engaging way to entertain your guests. Board games like Sorry or Scrabble, or card games like Poker or Uno, are easy to set up and can be enjoyed by guests of all ages. Not only do games provide an opportunity for guests to socialize and have fun, but they can also serve as a great icebreaker, helping guests get to know each other better. Consider providing a designated game area with several options to choose from, and encourage guests to participate in a friendly competition. Board and card games can be a great way to add a personal touch to your wedding and create lasting memories for you and your guests.

Either Cocktail or Reception Wedding Games

Photo Booth

Setting up a photo booth at your reception is a fun way to encourage your guests to take pictures and capture memories of the evening. You can either rent a photo booth or create your own with a backdrop, props, and a camera. Make sure to provide instructions on how to use the booth and designate someone to assist guests with any questions or issues.

DIY Drink Station

A DIY drink station is a fun way to involve your guests in the festivities. Provide ingredients for guests to create their own custom drinks, such as a margarita or even their soda. This is a great way to add a personal touch to your reception and provide guests with a memorable experience.

Interactive Food Stations

Interactive food stations are a fun way to get your guests involved in the dining experience. Consider setting up a DIY popcorn or dessert station, where guests can create their own custom treats. This is a great way to add a personal touch to your reception and provide guests with a memorable experience.

DIY Craft Station

Setting up a DIY craft station is a great way to provide a fun activity for guests who may want a break from dancing or socializing. Provide materials for guests to create their own favors, such as custom coasters, picture frames, or ornaments. This is a fun way to get creative and provide guests with a keepsake from the evening.

This is also a GREAT option if you’re having kids at your wedding! You can have coloring pages, puzzles and other kids friendly activities.

Live Sketch or Caricature Artist

Hiring a caricature artist can be a unique and entertaining addition to your wedding reception that your guests are sure to love. Additionally, the artist can draw caricatures of your guests, providing them with a memorable keepsake from the evening. To make the most of this activity, ensure that there is a designated space for the artist to set up and display their work. This can even double as a wedding favor, making it a fun and practical choice for your special day.

Reception Wedding Games

Married Couples Dance

The Married Couples Dance, also known as the Anniversary Dance or the Longest-Married Couple Dance, is a traditional part of a wedding reception. During this dance, all the married couples in attendance are invited to take the dance floor, and the DJ or band will ask couples to leave the dance floor based on how long they have been married, starting with the most recently married couple and ending with the couple who has been married the longest.

Musical Chairs Scavenger Hunt

To play this game, players compete to locate items and eliminate others until only one remains. The game starts with 10-12 chairs, one less than the number of players. The host or DJ announces an item for the players to search for amongst the other guests, such as “a set of keys.” Once a player finds the item, they must return to a designated chair and sit down. The player who fails to find an item is eliminated, and one chair is removed from the playing area, similar to the rules of musical chairs.

The Shoe Game

The Shoe Game is a popular wedding game where the bride and groom sit back-to-back with their shoes in hand. The DJ asks a series of questions about the couple, and the bride and groom hold up the shoe of the person they think the answer applies to. For example, “Who is the better cook?” or “Who said ‘I love you’ first?” This game is a great way for your guests to get to know you as a couple and can be quite entertaining.

Wedding Speech Bingo

Wedding Speech Bingo is a fun way to keep your guests engaged during the speeches. You can create bingo cards with common phrases or words that are often used in wedding speeches, such as “love,” “family,” or “forever.” Guests mark off the squares on their cards as they hear the phrases. The first person to get five in a row wins.

Dance-Off Competition

A dance-off competition is a fun and interactive activity that will get everyone up and moving. Choose a few upbeat songs and have guests show off their best dance moves. You can either have a panel of judges or let the guests vote on the winner.

Providing a variety of activities for your guests is a great way to ensure that everyone has a great time at your wedding reception. Whether you choose lawn games, dance lessons, or a photo booth, make sure to provide clear instructions and designate someone to organize and assist with each activity. With a little planning and creativity, your reception is sure to be an unforgettable experience for everyone.

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