Top Wedding Decisions Every Couple Makes

Part 1 : This or That?

Unlike a birthday party, anniversary, or family celebration, there is a LOT more work involved in planning a wedding.  Although there are many similar things to organise, unlike birthday parties, you only plan to go through a wedding ONCE. Make your top wedding decisions with some expert advice!

Traditionally, the planning of a wedding leaves the bride busy and focused on the specifics like themes, color motifs, personal touches and more.  However, there are still two people who make the top wedding decisions – which can make the decision-making process either easier … or more difficult.
Here are the top wedding ‘this or that’ moments that all couples face, and some tips to help you answer them.

Top Wedding Decision 1 – Long or Short Engagement?

Step one: before you get wrapped up in all the ‘wedding of your dreams’ bliss, you need to set a date!  The date really does dictate a lot of how your plans will pan out. 

Make sure you have enough time to plan your dream wedding before you get married. This includes finding the perfect dress, booking a venue, and sending out invitations. Who will be able to attend your wedding if you get married in a month? What sort of options are available to you? A long engagement gives you more flexibility to get organised. But when its the one forever person sometimes you just can’t wait!

Top Wedding Decision 2 – Big or Small Wedding?

Step two: size matters! While some people prefer an intimate ceremony, others will want to invite a large number of guests. Also remember that you are both from different families and cultures and can accommodate any traditions. The size of your wedding will affect many other aspects of your big day, such as catering and your venue choice. When deciding on the size of your wedding, consider your budget.  Who is paying for what, and how much are you paying? Catering for 50 guests is very different when accounting for the cost for a wedding of 200.

Top Wedding Decision 3 – To Invite or Not Invite?

Step three: guest list evaluation! Often this can be a difficult step in the process. Family pressures and conflicting ideas on ‘who’ should be there to celebrate your big day. My best advice would be focus on what’s important: you and the person you love getting married.  Your guest list is another factor that will affect many different aspects of wedding planning.  Don’t feel guilty about not inviting everyone to your wedding. It’s your wedding and you’re paying for it!

To help you navigate this tricky step, here are some things to consider:

  • Do I know this person?

Sounds obvious – but family pressures can interfere with this.  If you don’t know them, there is no reason to invite them.

  • Have I connected with this person within the last year?

It’s natural that we build relationships throughout life – high school, college, church, jobs.  You should only invite people to your wedding who you have seen and connected with recently. If you haven’t seen or connected with someone in a while, they probably don’t need to be on your guest list.

  • Children or kids’ free event?

Once you start working out your guest list. Don’t forget to factor in any guests who may have limitations due to children.  Are you willing to pay for a couple to bring their 5 children to the event, or a couple to bring their newborn?  Is your wedding appropriate for children to attend?  Make the decision that works best for you and your partner. Then make sure to communicate this clearly to all guests so there are no surprises or difficult conversations.

  • How has this person been an influence in your life?

You want people surrounding you on your special day who uplift you, make you happy, and bring positivity to your day. If you haven’t seen someone in many years, consider how they have impacted your life. People understand that there are limitations to weddings and budgets. Make sure your list is who you need and want.

Top Wedding Decision 4 – Professional Wedding Photographer or Amateur?

Step four: choosing a photographer! Wedding photos are a lifetime investment, so it’s no wonder that couples feel anxious about this part of the wedding planning process. It is up to your local Knoxville wedding photographer to make sure to capture the magic of your day.  When doing your research consider things like a photographer’s experience, expertise, style, and cost.  Decide, If it’s important to you as a couple to have a wedding connected a specific place. This could be your hometown or somewhere majestic like the Smoky Mountains. A photographer from your locations area is going to be the best choice, unless you are choosing to fly in a specific photographer. Whatever your choice, don’t forget to do your research on “top wedding photographers in Knoxville” or “Tennessee Wedding Photographers”.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of ‘Top Wedding Decisions – This or That’. 

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