Wedding Choices Every Couple Makes : Pt. 2

Part 2 : In or Out

From the popularity of the the last blog about the Top Wedding Choices and Decisions Every Couple Makes I had to revisit the topic for Part 2. With the number of decisions that couples have to make and decide on during the wedding planning process, it should come as no surprise that it was never going to fit on one blog!

Indoor or Outdoor

Let’s talk about where your wedding is going to be! There are both pros and cons when you plan your wedding either indoors or outdoors. Some would prefer an open area that may be a beach, garden, a park or even the great smoky mountains. On the other hand, indoor weddings like a church, ballroom or events space are options for you and your fiancé. 

No matter where you end up deciding, remember photos can be taken anywhere and finding some great places near your wedding that has natural light is always going to give the best outcome for your photos.

Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of both indoor and outdoor weddings.

Indoor Wedding

  • Pro: Interior decor/ styling opportunities
  • Pro: No weather issues
  • Pro: Temperature regulation and comfort
  • Con: Possibility of limited space
  • Con: Artificial lighting
  • Con: Venue costs

Outdoor Wedding

  • Pro: Bigger space
  • Pro: Natural lighting
  • Pro: Beautiful views 
  • Pro: Lower costs
  • Con: Weather risks
  • Con: Less decor options

Local or Destination

The big destination wedding. It has a nice ring to it and we see people all over the USA have their destination weddings in Tennessee, especially to see our gorgeous Smoky Mountains. You’ve always got the option of hosting your wedding in your hometown or nearby your current residence. And there there is always the option of traveling for the big day and creating an amazing experience as a destination wedding. 

You and your fiancé should be clear on the decision and ensure you are both clear with your goals for your wedding. The biggest consideration for a destination is the guests. There are going to be less people that can come to your wedding when it is further away than your local area. If you want a small wedding then it is a fantastic option. It’s always great to post images online of your destination where your most loved ones can participate and all your other friends and family can be enthralled in the beautiful images.

Also remember there is more to consider about a destination than your guests. You might have to pre-arrange a lot of things before you even reach your destination. This would require engaging and pre-informing all the wedding suppliers, caterers, vendors, wedding photographers and your guests at your wedding destination location.

Bridal Attire : To gown, or not to gown

One of the most important wedding choices for a bride will be what they are going to wear.  It can be overwhelming walking into bridal boutiques, searching styles online, or commissioning a dressmaker, so here are some pointers to keep your feet grounded while you find your dream bridal outfit.

Firstly, consider the season and the venue you will be getting married in.  It’s heartbreaking to fall in love with the perfect floor length gown, with sleeves and a cathedral length train, only to be married in the height of summer outdoors..  Make sure your dress consultant knows any wedding day conditions to think about while pulling gowns to try on.

Next, how long will you be wearing the dress for, and what activities will you need to take part in while wearing the dress?  The fit and weight of your dress will have a huge impact on how you will enjoy your day.  Will you be wearing your wedding dress from early morning until late that night?  Will you be wearing your wedding dress for only the reception ceremony a few hours in the evening?  Will you need to dance a foxtrot, waltz, or be able to twerk on the dance floor?  Make sure that while you look stunning in whatever you choose, you can also enjoy all the special parts of your day.

Also, be open minded!  It is great to be super organized and have an idea about what style, color and details you want as part of your outfit, but be open to suggestions and willing to try something new.  The dream dress you have seen on Pinterest or in a bridal magazine may not look the way you hope when you try it on.  We don’t spend our day-to-day lives dressed in bridal gowns and outfits, so just like finding what work and casual clothes work for our bodies in our everyday lives, it may take time to find what bridal outfit is perfect for you.  Be patient – only bring people with you who will give you loving opinions but also build you up.  Trying on dress after dress, and outfit after outfit can be challenging – don’t expect every dress is going to be amazing.  But you will find the perfect dress for you, and it may not be what you expected.

Suit or Tuxedo or . . .

That’s right, brides aren’t the only ones with big wedding day outfit questions. Grooms, have you decided on what to wear on your wedding day? The common wedding day outfits would be tuxedos and suits. Which one would you prefer?

A decision between a suit or a tux is generally based on the formality of the wedding and the style of you as a couple. A tuxedo is going to be used for very formal or traditional style wedding. A suit is often a nice option for a standard wedding, but there are also ways to dress down a suit with a blazer or not including a tie.

However, in picking out wedding outfits, whether that is for the bride or groom, remember that in this day and age, people are into trying less conventional options that are true to them and make sense to them. In fact, it doesn’t have to stick to any traditions.

At the end of the day, the wedding is about you and your fiance. These decisions will only make your wedding day planned the way you want it to be but everything will always boil down to building and maintaining a happy marriage.

Just don’t forget that with everything that you’ve planned out, you have to make sure that you capture this day and keep the memories alive through beautiful and timeless photos taken by the best wedding photographer in Tennessee! It would be a shame to be wearing the wedding dress of your dreams or an amazing tuxedo and end up with photos that do not display the magic of these styles. 

Think about the future. How many times will you look at your wedding photos? It is important to hire the best Tennessee elopement photographer in the state. Just like your wedding, you want your pictures to be perfect because photos stay with us forever. 

Elopement photographers in Tennessee are not hard to find. Look for different websites, search your location on google, and ask the people around you. Just read and scroll and for sure you will find one. To make sure that a Tennessee elopement photographer will suit your taste, scan through their portfolios and ask questions. This will help you to know what they offer and how they photograph.

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