Bailey + Matthew | Ever After Farms Vineyard Wedding Barn | Pomona Park, FL

From Proposal to Ceremony

When Bailey and Matthew asked me to come down for their wedding I was SO excited. I first met them while helping Matthew with their proposal out in Pigeon Forge, TN. I just loved them, seriously it was so much fun working with them! Their personalities and their story was so sweet, I loved capturing it so it was an easy Texas sized YES when they asked me to fly in. heir sneak peek. I knew that their wedding was going to me a blast but I didn’t know how big of a blast!

Star Wars Wedding Vibes

We started the day off with details, there are SO many good ones! Hints of Star Wars themes were throughout the wedding day but in so many of the details. After fun getting ready shots and worked out way into first looks. There were FIVE different first looks before Bailey and Matthews first touch; Matthew’s first look with his 14 year old childhood dog, Bailey’s first look with her bridesmaid, Bailey’s first look with the groomsmen, Matthew’s first look with the bridesmaids and finally Bailey’s first look with her Dad! After this they had the sweetest first touch where they chatted some wedding jitters away and prepared for the ceremony.

The ceremony started with a bang, flower men with fanny packs, Matthew’s childhood dog, and a seated announcement of the bride. They had a perfect uniting in the warm February Florida sun with sweet vows as leaves fell around them. After the ceremony we did family, bridal party and couples photos, in that order. You can see from the images how fun this groups was to work with! If you’re planning on having a fun wedding make sure your bridal party is there to not only support your love but to PARTY.

I love you. I know.

When we were planning out Bailey and Matthew’s timeline we made sure to have perfect lighting once we got down to just the two of them. The images are so dreamy! From gorgeous couples photos we made our way to the reception, where the bride and groom had a private meal as a couple. I thought this was one of the BEST moves! It’s so important to have a moment together just the two of you. While everyone is eating, why not take to to eat alone together? LOVE IT. Once everyone finished their meals it was time to party, add a little cake fight, crazy firefighter dancing and just a really good time! The two ended the night with sparklers to the ‘Imperial March’ as any true Star Wars fans would.

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