Melissa + Sager | Hindu Wedding Traditions in the Smoky Mountains

Bringing cultures together

People came from everywhere to witness the uniting of two cultures, families and souls. Melissa and Sager came to Tennessee from Chicago for their big day! They had two amazing ceremonies; the Hindu and the traditional American ceremony. It truly was a day of unity as everything they did mended well with each culture and everyone was apart of each experience.

The Hindu was absolutely amazing and such an experience. The whole ceremony lasted about an hour but it was full of symbolism and blessings. There were many step and pieces that each person was a part of. Flowers, coins, stones, powders and rice were all used to bless or unit the couple. Melissa knew about as much as we did going into it but we all felt the love.

The American ceremony was stunning as Melissa wore her mother’s wedding dress. Melissa and Sager had an intimate first look that lead right into the ceremony. Melissa’s hilarious best friend of 10 years gave all the punchlines and everyone cheered for them as they joined together for the second time that day.

After both ceremonies food was served and is was time to party! They played popular music from each country and there were even choreographed dances! It was a big day for the books! I honestly wish I’d gotten to stay even longer to join in on the ceremony.

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