Where to go in Chattanooga from a Chattanooga Photographer

Chattanooga is the sparkling jewel nestled along the banks of the Tennessee River, in a valley surrounded by breathtaking scenic beauty.  Home to the Lookout Mountain, Coolidge Park’s legendary carousel, the Chattanooga Choo Choo, Olympic rapids, and ample greenways.  Chattanooga is fun to say, and even more fun to visit, offering an incredible combination of breathtaking scenic beauty, revitalised riverfront, 13-mile paved Riverwalk scattered with attractions, parks, restaurants, and riverboats.  Also, outdoor adventures, rich history, numerous accommodations, first-class restaurants, a spectacular downtown, world-class museums, bustling art, and shopping districts. This southern gem has a little bit of everything for year-round fun which Chattanooga Photographers especially love, nestled in the Appalachian Mountains. 

Named by Lonely Planet as the “Best in the US” and “10 US destinations you need to see”, tucked between the mountains of Southeast Tennessee, along the beautiful Tennessee River, Chattanooga is one of America’s most breathtaking cities.  If you want to see what kind of life there is in Chattanooga, go to Tennessee Riverpark.  Stretching across 10 miles along the Tennessee River, and open 6am to 11pm daily, it’s a great showcase of how nature and entrepreneurship can come together.With plenty of industrious people like fishermen, a boat ramp to take your vessel out, and plenty of art pieces on display, there are so many opportunities for wedding and elopement photography

The centrepiece of downtown is the Tennessee Aquarium, the world’s largest freshwater aquarium. Water sports and attractions are just a few steps away because of the river – so take a dinner cruise aboard the Southern Belle Riverboat, experience a ride on a World War II-era Chattanooga Duck, or see the river up close on a kayak or stand-up paddleboard.  Go rock climbing indoors or outdoors at the High Point Climbing Centre or experience a more extreme sport like hang-gliding or white-water rafting on the Olympic River.  A variety of restaurants and entertainment venues provide live music and a romantic atmosphere at night.

Exploring the tranquillity of nature is especially incredible at the historic Lookout Mountain, offering some of the best scenery in town.  At an elevation of 2,389 ft., Lookout Mountain has views of over seven states and Ruby Falls with its underground waterfall, and it is only 9.8 miles from the river. You can ride up the side of Lookout Mountain on the steepest incline in the world, at the Incline Railway.  At the top you will find the National Park, the Civil War Museum, and a unit of America’s largest and oldest military park, surrounded by marvellous views.  With stunning views like the 145-foot Ruby Falls located in a cave, another waterfall at Rock City, and the lush greenery, the landscape is dream experience for every photographer in Knoxville, Tn.

Tennessee also has some of the most stunning caves you will ever come across, and no better place for wedding Chattanooga Photographers to capture your love story.  The Raccoon Mountain Caverns provide a breathtaking glimpse into the underground magical world of caves.  There are all kinds of tours to take part in, and exotic animals and mysterious terrains to see. 

However, as a local Chattanooga photographer I know it doesn’t end there.  Chattanooga is a city painted with glorious colours from the city skyline, terrains, and landscapes.  And the perfect place to view the big city, idyllic skies, and glistening Tennessee River is along the grey concrete stretch of the Walnut Street Bridge.  One of Chattanooga’s most beloved public places, the Walnut Street Bridge boasts the record for the world’s longest pedestrian bridge.  A marvel of structural integrity built in 1891, the bridge brings people from the north shore of Tennessee’s River to downtown Chattanooga, and back again.  While enjoying the city view, the bridge offers great events along the way, like wine tastings.

Whether your heart takes you along the busy metropolitan streets, to the romantic riverside at night, or through the peaceful and lush scenery of nature and the mountains, Chattanooga is a city where you can make your dreams come true.  My career experience helps me know for certain, there is nothing that can beat true Tennessee photography.  I can’t wait to capture the essence of your true love story in the incredible adventures that await you in Chattanooga. Say Hi to me as the best choice in Chattanooga Photographers.

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