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Welcome to Gatlinburg!

Planning the wedding of your dreams?  Deciding on the right location?  As your Photographer in Gatlinburg, I know one thing for sure – the more South you go, the more beautiful it gets.  Am I right?

If you’re from Gatlinburg, or anywhere in Tennessee, lucky you!  You know the incredible country fantasy I am talking about.  And if you’re not?  Then grab your future partner and come along to capture your love story surrounded by the stunning opportunities Gatlinburg in the south brings!The weddings and elopements I have had the opportunity to be a part of in Gatlinburg are simply gorgeous.  I love the beauty of the city surrounded by the stunning scenery and views of the Great Smoky Mountains.  The city and mountains provide for so many stunning photo opportunities, and the results are simply breathtaking. 

Gatlinburg, Tennessee, is located at the heart of the Great Smoky Mountains and was undisturbed for over a million years.  The Ice Age did not reach this far in the south and as such, the untouched landscape offers blossoming wildflowers and treasured nature views you can’t find anywhere else in the world!  With views that span across 500,000 acres, Gatlinburg is the ideal place for overlooking the beautiful views of The Great Smoky Mountains.  You only need to get out your map and start your Tennessee Smoky Mountain wedding adventure with a stroll along the most colorful flora in the National Park.

We can create your very own fairy-tale with the surrounding nature and beauty of Gatlinburg.  From cascading waterfalls to roaming wildlife, the epitome of Tennessee wedding photography, there is always a new scene to take a picture with your special someone.  Going for a mountain tour will give you a break from the busy traffic, loud crowds, and busy city.  Trails in the exploration parks around Gatlinburg, Tennessee are truly a gem!  They are the perfect setting for an intimate, unique, and magical wedding and elopement photography.  Enjoy the soothing and relaxing ambience of nature and connect with your loved ones in this picture-perfect place.   

How about a trip to the thundering streams and waterfalls of the Great Smoky Mountains?  Feel the warmth of the sunshine and the spray of the falls as they hit the surface of the river.  You and your partner will be covered by the plush and deep green leaves as you are surrounded by trees.  There is something so tranquil about capturing your love story among some of nature’s most natural beauties.

With a mix of sweeping landscapes and quirky attractions, Gatlinburg has something to offer for everyone.  As an experienced Tennessee wedding photographer, I know how to level up your wedding album in the city too – from exploring the depths at Riley’s Aquarium, to going for that heart-dropping glass bottom view along the Gatlinburg SkyBridge.  The famous Gatlinburg trolley offers a chance for a charming, old fashioned back drop, and the perfect transport to get around the city. 

Following the color-coded routes of the city will give you a clear vision for your day.Following the red route will send you down the River Road and through the liveliest parts of downtown Gatlinburg: past malls, museums, restaurants, hotels and more.  The yellow route snakes through the arts and crafts community like galleries, theaters, and small boutiques.  For creative pursuits – follow the sunshine shade.  The tan route is for nature lovers, winding through a series of parks and campgrounds, and stopping in the famous Great Smoky Mountain National Park.  Or take the green, pink, blue or purple routes to discover the adventures that await.

Another must do while you are in town in the Wine & Shine Tour.  Some of the world’s best distilleries and wineries are found in Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  Wine and Shine tours mix history, craftsmanship, tradition and drinks in the most fun adventure.  Taste and test your shots while getting couple advice from the fun, enthusiastic bartenders that will surely give you a laugh.  The variety of tastings, local flavors, entertaining stories, and experience will keep you on your seat wanting for more.  Plus, you get to taste the best moonshine in town.

Whether you are planning for your photos to be taken in Gatlinburg, or your whole wedding to take place in the city, your day will be one you won’t forget.  From the old-fashioned country charm of Pigeon Farm, the chills and thrills at Mysterious Mansion, the SkyLift Park, the historic Ole Ogle Log cabin, quaint Wild Plum Tea Room, or more – Gatlinburg has something for everyone and every couple.  I have never met anyone regretting their adventures and photos in Gatlinburg.If you are ready to lock in that location, your search for the best wedding photographer in Gatlinburg, Tennessee ends here!  Let’s get in touch and start planning your mountain village moment.

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