Creative Exits for Your Knoxville Wedding

As a Knoxville wedding photographer, I’ve been to some incredible weddings, but the creative exits are always my favorite. After everything on their day is all said and done, my couples exit in style, and it’s so much fun. I’ve had couples go traditional with rice, bubbles, and sparkles, but my favorite creative exits have been the ones with a little bit of flair. When you’re leaving your party, make it a big moment, and let your guests in on the fun. Let’s talk about my top 5 favorite wedding exits.

Top 5 Ideas for Creative Wedding Exits at Knoxville Weddings

First a water gun exit. Prep your guests with water guns of sizes and prepare for the fun. This idea is perfect for the warmer summer months in Tennessee. I am always a sucker for interactive events at weddings for guests to get involved with, and this one will even leave your younger guests excited for the fun. Advise guests of course to avoid shooting at your faces, but enjoy being sent off in style!

bride and groom leaving their wedding with a planned creative exit

Having an early morning wedding? Consider an afternoon exit with colored smoke bombs! Coordinate the colors of the fun with your wedding to create an epic photo moment, leaving your guests in awe. It’s a storybook ending to your dream day fairytale of the two of you walking off into the unknown together. You’ll have fun with your partner leaving in the colored fun, and end your big day with a bang!

Next, dodgeball. I just recently attended a Nashville wedding where the bride and groom’s creative exit was dodgeball. They separated their guests into ‘two teams’ for the bride and groom, lined everyone up with dodgeballs, and had a blast! It was so much fun to see the couple walk through the madness while having their friends and family compete for the top prize, defending bride or groom. Seriously one of the most epic wedding exits I’ve ever witnessed!

Maybe your Knoxville wedding is in the spring in a beautiful garden. Some of these creative exits may be a little too much for the venue and overall vibe. Consider a paper airplane exit. Have your guests make airplanes out of colored paper (in your wedding colors of course) and let them throw them as you exit. I love the idea of having your friends and family writing well wishes on them before they fly as well! Have your wedding party gather the planes and save them for you to read after the honeymoon! This creative exit is definitely a little calmer, and memorable nonetheless.

Two words, DANCE EXIT. The perfect ending for your summer night wedding, have your guests line up with various colored glow sticks, while you and your partner dance your way out of the event. Have your DJ play the music extra loud and dance it out! It’s just like a dance entrance, but a dance exit! End your summer wedding night with a fun dance party for everyone to celebrate your big day one last time.

Nevertheless, no matter what your creative exit looks like, your Knoxville wedding will be absolutely beautiful. Already dreaming of an incredible photography experience with me? Let’s chat soon!


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