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As a Smoky Mountain elopement photographer, I love when my couples choose to honeymoon where they elope. It’s such a great way to spend time together, while starting a new chapter in life together. After your elopement, you’re able to spend more time on your honeymoon, without much travel, because you’re already there! If you choose to elope in the Smoky Mountains, you have tons of options to explore. Think about all the memories you’ll be creating in the place you came together as one.

Save Some $$

If you’re planning to elope, chances are you’re going to want to keep things budget friendly. Consider a honeymoon where you elope, you’ll only have to travel to one spot, and you can stay in a hotel or airbnb for multiple days! Travel can be incredibly expensive right now, and a little bit unpredictable with cancellations and weather. Take all the chance out of it and stay put after you elope! You’ll be able to relax after you say, “I do” and not worry about rushing off to make your plane.

Enjoy being together and in the moment, without the worries or stressors of having to make plans and schedule everything. Just be in the moment and make memories together! Especially in the beauty of the Smokies, it doesn’t get much better than that!

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One Spot to Look Back On

Throughout your life you’ll want to come back to where your life changed for the better, your elopement spot, but if you honeymoon where you elope, you’ll be able to walk down memory lane all at once. Take your kids back to the Smoky Mountains where you eloped, and show them your spots in the mountains, and your favorite restaurant. Whatever you spent time doing on your honeymoon after you eloped will be so fun to visit years from now.

bride and groom kissing during outdoor forest bridals in Smoky Mountain elopement as they plan to honeymoon where you elope

Celebrate Your First Anniversary At Both Spots

After making it through your first year together, go back to where it all began. What a great way to reignite the love you felt at the very beginning of it all. The first year of marriage is said to be the hardest, take the trip back to your special location and relive it all.

Having eloped in the Smoky Mountains and choosing to disconnect from the world around you, is another great reason to honeymoon where you elope. You’ll be able to focus on the two of you and take a break from the world around you!

couple kissing after ceremony honeymoon where you elope in smoky mountains
bride and groom kissing at barn elopement choosing to honeymoon where you elope

Consider Renewing Your Vows | Honeymoon Where You Elope

Throughout your years together being married, how fun would it be for your 20th or 30th anniversary to go back and do it all over again. You can get dressed up in your wedding attire (if you still have it) and enjoy reminiscing together. Bring your children, grandchildren, and family back and show off the beautiful spot where everything began. What a romantic way to celebrate all you’ve accomplished together, and create new memories with family and friends.

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Smoky Mountain Elopement Photographer – DeannaPaige Photography

Looking to elope in the Smoky Mountains? Check out my Smoky Mountain elopement guide here! Already dreaming of an incredible elopement photography experience with me? Let’s chat soon!

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