Honoring Loved Ones At Your Wedding

a framed picture honoring loved ones on your wedding day with a candle

As a Smoky Mountain elopement photographer, I have seen so many incredible traditions and ceremonies that incorporate unique family memories. Throughout our lives we will lose some of the most important people in our lives, and it’s important that as we plan our big days, we include them, and honor them. Honoring loved ones in your elopement or wedding is an intimate and emotional thing, but so worth it.

Display Framed Pictures Honoring Loved Ones

One simple way to show respect and love to those who have passed away is displaying framed pictures of them. Whether that’s devoting a special table to your loved ones, with a couple of your favorite pictures and a few things that remind you of them, or even just taking a picture with a framed picture. It’s a simple, and unique way to continue honoring loved ones in your big day. I’ve worked with numerous brides that have decided to include loved ones in their wedding with framed pictures. It’s always so special and sometimes even a little emotional!

Unique Bouquet Decorations

Oftentimes brides choose to include simple bouquet decorations with pictures of their loved ones, or even a ring from family on their bouquet. It’s a beautiful way to have your loved ones with you, in a way that’s special to you and only you. You’ll be able to keep your bouquet close to you all day, which can help you feel closer to your loved ones throughout your day. This is often a popular way brides choose in honoring loved ones and bringing those they’ve lost along with them on their wedding day.

Family Heirlooms

Last but not least, having special family heirlooms in your wedding attire or even in wedding decor is such a special way to honor loved ones. Perhaps your grandma had a special vase she always kept flowers from your grandpa in, you could have it hold your wedding bouquet until you walk down the aisle. Maybe you have a special tie from your dad, consider taking a portion of it and sewing it into your wedding dress! That way as you’re walking down the aisle, saying, “I do” and dancing with your new spouse, your dad will always be with you.

Unique family heirlooms and things you treasure from family that has passed on is so special. It’s a great way to honor their memory, while creating more memories with those objects in pictures you’ll have forever. Even if the items get lost along the way, you’ll have special pictures with memories of those treasures forever.

Honoring loved ones can be a really emotionally hard for anyone, but I promise, when you do include those special people it’ll be that much more meaningful on your big day. The emotions you’ll feel on your wedding day without those people will be big, but being able to have even a small portion of them is worth it all.

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