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tombstone wedding at legacy farms wedding ceremony

Eily and Joshua’s tombstone wedding at Legacy Farms was a Knoxville wedding photographer’s dream. The couple had incredible details throughout their rustic chic wedding day that made it that much more unique and sentimental. Throughout their tombstone wedding at Legacy Farms the couple showed off family heirlooms, while keeping the guests minimal, with only close friends and family.

A tombstone wedding was right up their alley, as I met them at a ranch property they go hunting at! When I showed up Scotch (Josh) was there with almost all of his groomsmen, separating meat from their kill. I couldn’t have made this up if I wanted to! It was the perfect sight considering what the theme of their wedding would be. The rustic elements found throughout their day reminded me of when we met and I loved it!

When Eily and Josh met, he asked her when they were going to get married, and she told him to talk to her dad! Little did they know they would get married later! I love hearing stories like that and this was such a special moment to hear about.

Tombstone Wedding Ceremony at Legacy Farms

Eily and Joshua had tons of close friends and family with them supporting their love story’s next chapter. Josh’s friends call him Scotch after an interaction with a police officer. An officer was talking to Joshua once and said, “Whoa there Scotch” they thought it was hilarious, and the name stuck. Throughout the ceremony their officiant who happened to be one of the groomsmen kept referring to him as Scotch. It was so funny! At the ceremony, Josh had a special chair set up for his dad who has passed away. In the seat was a picture of him, it was a unique way to honor him and his memory.

Throughout their tombstone wedding Eily and Joshua had incredible details with sentimental family touches. Eily’s wedding band was Joshua’s mother’s old band. As his dad has passed, it was an incredibly special family heirloom to give to his now wife. Eily gave Josh a new gun for his groom’s gift, and her father a hunting knife you can wear in your boot. All the groomsmen got custom bullet belts. Eily wore vintage earrings that screwed into place, and her veil was made by her sister in law! It was so beautiful and made with such love, the lace detailing was stunning.

Whenever you see Josh he is almost always wearing a hat, so after the ceremony Eily asked him why he hadn’t worn one while they said, “I do”. His response was so sweet, he said he didn’t wear it so he wouldn’t poke her during their first kiss. I am totally obsessed with these two! Josh wore his hat for the rest of the pictures, and it was so perfect for him.

Tombstone Wedding Reception

Later, the wedding guests gathered for a prayer led by Josh’s brother it was an intimate and spiritual moment felt by all in attendance, even if he did pray they would have a good time! The couple’s tombstone wedding at Legacy Farms was filled with love and sentimental family memories.

Eily and Josh focused on capturing moments with family and friends throughout the day. They wanted to take pictures with their friends and significant others – the group are incredibly close knit and it was a great way to bring everyone together.

At their tombstone wedding at Legacy Farms the couple opted for a cake to cut for show, and then delicious pies for guests to enjoy. Wedding guests raved about the pies and had a great time celebrating Eily and Josh together. Later, first dances were so sweet. Josh wrote the song for Eily and her dad’s dance. Josh is a full time songwriter in Nashville writing for artists like Miranda Lambert, he’s incredibly talented. It was so special to have that moment for Eily and her dad, dancing to a song written by her now husband.

Dodgeball Exit

Later, when it was time for Eily and Josh to make their exit, the couple invited wedding guests to play dodgeball together! The guests were instructed to throw dodgeballs at other guests, and try to avoid the bride and groom. It was hilarious seeing all their family and friends throwing balls at one another after having a few drinks that night!

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deep purple bridal bouquet with rings sitting inside flower for tombstone wedding detail shot
embroidered bridal tissue 'no ugly crying' for wedding day at Legacy Farms
wedding detail shots with bridal shoes and flask to be worn on thigh
wedding dress hanging from old wooden barn for tombstone wedding at legacy farm detail shots
bride holding wooden hanger with wedding dress on it
bridal bouquets in mason jars before wedding ceremony
bride and bridesmaids wearing pink dresses holding stunning purple bouquets at wedding during bridals
bride getting in dress on wedding day
bride's flask on thigh under wedding dress at tombstone wedding at legacy farms

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