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Happiest of Birthdays, Emerson!

It’s been one year since this little man came into your lives. We still can’t believe it! Time files when you’re having fun but it flies so much quicker when you need it to slow down! We have loved all the phases that we’ve been able to experience with him so far but they aren’t kidding when they say it GOES SO FAST!

To celebrate his one year of life, as is the trend, we decided to do a one year cake smash for our little guy! However, for his cake smash session we decided to do things extra, cause well, we’re extra! Emerson is obsessed video-game controllers, the Xbox ones are his favorite because he know how to make the light turn on. So when we were thinking for a theme. I just knew that it would make the perfect cake! Blue Line Cake Design created the coolest controller and matching video-game stack from few of our favorites. We did his session at the arcade to give the cool neon light background.

He had a BLAST not only eating his cake but also playing all the games and since he doesn’t really know that he isn’t actually playing them we didn’t have to pay for him to “play”, bonus!

I still have NO IDEA what I am doing as a mom, I feel like I am learning just as much as Emerson is on a regular basis! I definitely am making it up as I go but I feel like everyone does or at least I pretend that to make myself feel better.





He is literally the spiting image of his father, from the curly hair to those perfectly gorgeous blue eyes, the older he gets the more he looks like his dad. Literally got nothing from me! It’s only acceptable because I’m his favorite! *I attached a baby Boden image at the bottom so you can see for yourselves!

Even though we take it day by day, I am trying to give him the best life that I can, but in all honesty he’s giving me the better life. BY FAR. I love having my little guy with me where ever I go. He is such a huge hit and so full of life everyday! I’ve never seen a kid so happy and full of life. Though sometimes things can be overwhelming he’ll just run to mama and give me a BIG hug. We are so excited to see who he continues to grow to be!

*Baby Boden on his first birthday with his Dad!


Grandpa (my Dad) came for supportive high-fives!

Grandpa (my Dad) came for supportive high-fives!










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