Breanna + Grayson | Las Vegas, NV

The last time Boden and I flew over Las Vegas (2017) I saw these colorful little rocks and one Google search away I discovered the Seven Magic Mountains. I knew that I needed to do a shoot there, one day. That day came when we decided to take a trip to St. George this Spring. We flew into Las Vegas and right as we landed the couple I had planned to work with cancelled. I was heart broken. I thought there was NO WAY that I could find someone to replace them before we left. Instagram came to the rescue when I found Breanna! She jumped on shooting with me and we made is happen, literally two hours before I hopped on the plane home.


Because of how it all went down. This shoot turned into everything I feared in a shoot. But I’ve been trying to break out of my comfort zone this year because I always have these ideas but sometimes thats as far as I take them. “You can’t ask that person, they’ll say no.”  “The lighting will ruin the shots.” “That wont work.” “You don’t have the time.”

Not only was I shooting in the middle of the day. only had 20 minutes because I had to catch a plane. If you want to create something, GO FOR IT. Don’t make excuses.













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