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The Graduate

When Shea’s dance team traveled to Tennessee for a competition, she saw the perfect opportunity for something special: unique senior photos. Senior photos are a rite of passage, and Shea wanted hers to be memorable and distinct. Tennessee’s picturesque settings offered just the right backdrop.

The session was split into two parts! Each at a unique location with plenty of character and detail. The first part took place at the Graduate Hotel in Knoxville. This location added a delightful coincidence to the experience: Shea’s school colors matched the iconic Tennessee orange. This serendipity added a personal touch and vibrancy to the photos, making them stand out even more.

Record Store

The second part of the session was at an old record store, a location brimming with nostalgic charm and intricate details. The store’s unique atmosphere provided a fantastic backdrop, adding a vintage and eclectic feel to Shea’s photos. Both locations were rich in character, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the shoot.

While the chosen locations were fantastic, we faced a significant challenge: no artificial lighting was allowed. This made the shoot quite tricky, as we had to rely entirely on natural light. Navigating the varying light conditions required some creative problem-solving! But it worked out in the end!

Working with Shea and meeting her family was an absolute pleasure. Shea’s enthusiasm and love for her dance and her school were evident, and it was a joy to capture that spirit through my lens. It’s always rewarding to photograph seniors in places that hold special meaning to them, and this session was no exception.

PPhotographing in natural light amidst Tennessee’s scenic beauty, with vibrant colors and unique locations, made this experience unforgettable despite the lighting challenges. I had a blast capturing Shea’s unique senior photos, and I hope these images will be cherished memories for her and her family.

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