Smoky Mountain Elopement Checklist

Smoky Mountain Photography, Smoky Mountain Photos

As a Smoky Mountain elopement photographer, I always love helping my couples prepare for their adventure as best as I can. If you’re planning on eloping in the Smoky Mountains, being prepared for anything is the best way to ensure a stress free event. Throughout my experience being an elopement photographer, I’ve been able to attend such incredibly beautiful events, and having the right gear makes it even better. While planning your elopement we’ll talk about the endless possibilities for creating moments to last a lifetime. Let’s get you prepared for your dream elopement Smoky Mountain photos!

Comfortable Shoes for Your Adventure

Ensuring your feet are taken care of and comfortable while hiking to your elopement destination is key! If you’re planning to elope with a view, and then adventure in the park, having a change of shoes will make it that much easier. Plan on bringing a backpack with the shoes you want pictures in, then when we get back to hiking you can switch! If that becomes too hectic, you’ll always love looking back on your elopement Smoky Mountain photos and seeing a bit of fun with your shoes.

Don’t worry about your hiking boots showing in pictures, unless you want them to! Generally your dress is long enough if you decide to keep them on, you won’t see them. I love an adventurous couple that embraces the destination and hiking and shows it off in pictures, like my backpacking couple!

Smoky Mountain Photography, Smoky Mountain Photos
Smoky Mountain Photography, Smoky Mountain Photos

Pack Layers to Keep Warm

Throughout your time eloping in the Smoky Mountains, depending on the time of year, you may get a little chilly! Consider wearing leggings under your dress, or even bringing a coat to put on in between the ceremony, and while getting to our next spot. Another one of my favorite tips is to have on warm socks, especially in the winter. There can be snow and chilly conditions, so having warm clothes and layers on and packed will keep you comfortable and happy!

Smoky Mountain Photography, Smoky Mountain Photos
Smoky Mountain Photography, Smoky Mountain Photos

Bring Snacks To Enjoy

Next, don’t forget the snacks! There’s nothing worse than feeling hungry and stressed on your wedding day. As an elopement photographer, I always encourage my brides to eat! Eating and staying hydrated on your wedding day is ideal to avoid getting sick and passing out. If we’re out hiking after eloping in the Smoky Mountains, you’re going to get hungry!

It’s important to be prepared in case anything comes up on your big day. Even if it’s just a granola bar, and a little bit of water, bring the snacks!

Change of Clothes for your Smoky Mountain Elopement

Hear me out, there are a lot of possibilities within Smoky Mountain National Park. You may just feel in the moment and decide to get adventurous and jump in! There are incredible waterfalls throughout the park that make for epic pictures and romantic moments. If you’re already choosing to elope, go all in and make the best of it. If a waterfall is something you want to include in your big day, let me know! Let’s plan a dream elopement and your Smoky Mountain photography together.

Smoky Mountain Photography, Smoky Mountain Photos

A Local Smoky Mountain Elopement Photographer – DeannaPaige Photography

Lastly, don’t forget one of the most important pieces to the puzzle, a photographer to capture one of the greatest days of your life. That’s me! As a certified Smoky Mountains photographer, I have the experience and knowledge to create moments in breathtaking locations. Whether you decide to elope with a view of the mountains, or under a waterfall, I’ve got you covered!

As an experienced Smoky Mountain elopement photographer, I’ve shot in multiple locations within the park, and all seasons too! The experience that comes with that knowledge is something that sets a local photographer apart, other photographers. I’ll be able to help create and craft a timeline for perfect Smoky Mountain photos capturing your love story. Nevertheless no matter what you decide for eloping in the Smoky Mountains, it’s going to be beautiful, romantic and incredible!

Smoky Mountain Photography, Smoky Mountain Photos
Smoky Mountain Photography, Smoky Mountain Photos

Already dreaming of an incredible Smoky Mountain elopement photography experience with me? Let’s chat!

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