Preparing for Your Knoxville Engagement Session

As a Knoxville wedding photographer, I have been incredibly blessed to work with incredible couples through their engagements as well! A Knoxville engagement session is always one of my favorites because we’re able to get to know the couple, and talk about all things wedding. Sometimes we even get to adventure into Smoky Mountain National Park! Throughout the blog, I’m going to share all my tips for preparing for your Knoxville engagement session.

Coordinate Outfits for Your Knoxville Engagement Session

As you’re preparing for your engagement session, planning your outfits is always so stressful. You want to make sure you look good, but not uncomfortable and that you go together, but don’t match. Throughout the planning process, keep in mind these few quick tips, and you’ll be looking great!

  • Coordinate, not match – I always suggest having my couples choose outfits that go together, but aren’t too matchy. When we’re taking your pictures you don’t want to blend together, stand out wearing complementary colors, or 1 pattern and the other a color found within that pattern. It’s a great way to ‘go-together’ while not completely matching.
young engaged couple hugging and smiling during knoxville engagement session
  • Consider the season – While planning your Knoxville engagement session, make sure you plan for the season you’re in. Don’t wear a sweater during your summer session, you’ll melt! Also, planning according to the season will help you plan for your location’s current colors. If you’re taking pictures surrounded by trees in the spring, avoid lots of green so you’ll stand out!
  • Accessorize – Don’t be afraid to bring a hat, a scarf or even a jacket to throw on during your session. Adding some variety with your accessories is a great way to get a variety of images within your engagement session.

Hair & Makeup

While preparing for your shoot, do your hair and makeup like you normally would! Don’t try anything crazy, odds are you’ll end up changing your mind halfway through, and end up stressed out. Your engagement session is a great time for a test run with your hair and makeup artist you’re using for your wedding day! Take the time to get to know them, and sit back and relax while they make you feel like a goddess!

Choose a Special Location for Your Knoxville Engagement Session

Making your Knoxville engagement session all about your relationship is crucial to a special shoot! Consider taking a trip down memory lane and going back to your first date spot, out to ice cream, or even to a park. Did you go to school together? Let’s go back to your old stomping grounds for some romantic sweetheart pictures! Wherever is special in your relationship, talk to your photographer about showcasing that in your shoot. If you’re an adventurous couple let’s head to the mountains and go for a hike! Let’s show off what makes your relationship unique and special.

Make it Fun

Maybe your significant other is dreading the session, turn it into a fun date night! Go out to dinner afterwards, explore downtown or go bowling. Whatever will get them excited and looking forward to the night. When you turn the session into a fun event it’s much more exciting and something to look forward to throughout the day.

man and woman hugging at Tennessee Valley fair session

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