Planning Your Knoxville Elopement

Most elopements aren’t spontaneously driving to Vegas and saying your vows with Elvis under a plastic flower arch. Don’t let that cheesy cliché deter you from experiencing one of the most magical days of your life! Eloping allows you to have an intimate ceremony and focus on each other more than your guests, the details or any other distraction. And what better to place to elope than Knoxville?! Plan your Knoxville elopement with these simple steps, and you will be sure to have an easy going and intimate wedding day.

Find the Perfect Officiant for Your Knoxville Elopement

The most important part of your elopement is actually getting married! And to do that you need an officiant. Most pastors and other religious church leaders are ordained ministers, but there are also a list of officiant for any location at When you plan your Knoxville elopement be sure to find an officiant that is understanding of your beliefs and relationship. Meet with them before hand and see if you connect well and you enjoy their personality. This is your wedding day, you deserve somebody who will make your intimate ceremony special.

Capturing Your Dream Knoxville Elopement

You will not regret having a professional wedding photographer for your elopement! Getting married is a big deal, whether you have a grand wedding or an intimate elopement. You should have beautiful photos to commemorate the day and to hang on your walls for years to come. These are more than just photos, but they are memories of the most tender moments of your day. After your wedding day is long gone you will still have wedding pictures to bring you back to those moments and all the emotions that come with!


Treat yourself and get the wedding dress of your dreams! And with Vow’d this is easy to get whatever your heart desires! They have a large collection of wedding gowns in every style you could imagine. If you are looking for something strong and modern or dainty and classic, they have got you covered! And the best part of all is that all of their wedding dresses are under $2000. So while you plan your Knoxville elopement, go ahead and schedule a time to visit Vow’d in Knoxville and try on some stunning gowns.


I think every bride deserves a bouquet, no matter how small her wedding may be. It is just one of those things that make a difference in how you feel on your wedding day. Without florals you may just feel like a girl in a white dress, but with those flowers in hand you become a bride! If you want to splurge find your favorite florist in the area and design a custom wedding bouquet with them. Or save your cash for the honeymoon and buy flowers at your local grocery shop and arrange your own bouquet!

When you plan your Knoxville elopement you will discover what you really prioritize in a wedding day! These four must haves are just a base for you to build your elopement on top of. Find small meaningful details that you may want to add, but remember to keep it simple so that you can focus on each other more than anything else.

I can’t wait for your Knoxville elopement. I’d love to hear all about your elopement plans and how I can best capture those moments for you, let’s connect!


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