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One of my all time favorite things to see at a wedding, is the wedding tradition of something old, new borrowed and blue. It’s something that is usually incredibly sentimental, while bringing family together. I’ve had so many brides incorporate family heirlooms to their event. Even though this tradition can come from wives tales and old school promises, wedding traditions begin to fade out, but this is one I hope stays because you can take it however you want and make them yours! Weddings bring people together and this tradition does just that.

Wedding Traditions Create Memories

Throughout my many years of shooting weddings, I have seen some incredibly unique touches. One that never leaves a dry eye in the place is the old, new borrowed and blue wedding tradition. Just like this tradition, wedding traditions bring people together, and create memories for guests and the couple alike. Your guests will know what to expect as most weddings have some form of tradition in them, whether that’s cutting the cake, the garter & bouquet toss, or even a first dance.

These moments are some that leave your guests reminiscing on events of their own special days. Not only will you be able to create those memories for your future children to look back on, but you’ll enjoy yourselves too! With this particular wedding tradition, bringing family together to plan for the various elements helps everyone feel involved. Throughout wedding planning some family members may feel left behind and out of the loop, bringing grandma or your aunts into the mix makes for some fun memories for everyone!

Something Old ;

originally, this section was said to have referred to securing protection of the bride’s fertility.

Your wedding day is the perfect time to incorporate and honor your family by bringing special heirlooms to your big day. Dig through your family history, find an heirloom (or delegate this task to family) like a broach, handkerchief, locket or even an old image of your parents/grandparents to tie to your bouquet. This is always an intimate touch that is incredibly special for family, while keeping it private for just you.

If your family isn’t the keepsake kind, then don’t worry! Your something old doesn’t need to be that old, just old to you.

His grandmothers ring!
The family pearls that have been passed down!
A vintage car.
This bride took a letter her grandfather wrote her grandmother when they first met! (Both now have passed so this was the perfect way for them to be there!)

Something New ;

commonly; offers optimism for the future. You’re about to enter into a new chapter in life.

This one can be as easy as your new dress or ring, or even a new pair of earrings or shoes specifically for your big day. If you want to have something personalized and special for your wedding, consider incorporating that new last name! Embroider your new monogram on a handkerchief, inside your dress, or even order a custom necklace. Your something new should be something fun and unique to you!

Some new ink to mark the special occasion?
What better reason is there for a new pair of shoes?!
Just as easy as your wedding dress.
Guess what?! Even the venue can be your something new especially if you’re the first ones to get married there!

Something Borrowed ;

traditionally; brings you two good luck. By borrowing something from a happily married friend or relative, this ensures a little of their good fortune rubs off on you guys. (So choose a good couple!)

Think of your loved ones! Does your sister have a gorgeous bracelet? What about earrings your Mother-in-law (to be) wears for special occasions? Or even the special necklace your Grandpa gave your Grandma while they were dating? Borrowing jewelry ely is a great way to show a family member or friend some extra love while keeping them close on your big day.

Borrow your sisters really cute white dress for your send off! Nothing like a dramatic outfit change!
Who doesn’t love a good prop? Borrowing your parents wedding photos makes for a great one!
The same veil your mom and your grandma wore?
How about wearing your Moms wedding dress?! You can keep it as is (like this bride did!) or even alter it to update it.

Something Blue ;

predominantly; the color blue stands for love, purity and fidelity—said to be “three key qualities for a solid marriage.” 

However, there are SO MANY fun ways to add a hint of blue, especially if it isn’t one of your wedding colors. You could take one of your Dad or Fiancé’s old blue dress shirts, cut out a heart, and sew it on the inside of your dress. Another fun idea is having your parents or groom write letters to you in blue ink on the soles of your shoes, making them even more valuable and memorable.

No matter what you decide, your wedding day will be filled with love and incredible memories. I am a sucker for wedding traditions, and always encourage my brides to find one they love. Finding one wedding tradition you really relate to and love makes it that much more special. Your big day is all about you and your love story, don’t stress about including every little thing, enjoy your day and be in the moment!

A little blue drink never hurt nobody.
A heart cutout from one of her dads old shirts, so he could still walk her down the aisle even after he’d passed.
Why not just have the whole scheme be blue?
Add a little hint to your cake!

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