Bobbyjean + Matt | Wallace, ID | Mountain Top Elopement

Oh my goodness, this mountain top elopement was a total adventure! Bobbyjean and I actually went to high school together in Korea and we’ve stayed in touch throughout the years. She lives really close to my husband’s hometown and we’ve been able to visit every once in a while. When she messaged me that they were getting married and wanted me to be a part of it, I was beyond honored!

We had gone back and forth on dates due to COVID and family schedules. Eventually, Bobbyjean messaged me and said, “Let me know which day you can be here, we’re just going to do it!” That’s exactly what happened, I booked a flight and we made it happen.

This was a secret mountain top elopement, since Matt’s parents live in town but Bobbyjean’s parents weren’t able to come due to COVID restrictions. She didn’t want any family to feel left out, so this was the best way! A total of 8 people knew that this was going down until they decided to announce it. We literally had to sneak around town and try our best not to be suspicious. It’s a small town where everyone knows everybody, so it was a top secret mission. Everyone would be invited to the reception once things opened back up and that way they could celebrate together!

bride and groom celebrating mountain top elopement at sunset

Mountain Top Elopement

It started with Bobbyjean getting ready at their hotel. Once we were ready to roll, they did their first look before we headed out to a spot called Mullan. There was a walking path that lead right to a river where we stopped to take formal shots. I even took off my socks and shoes and hopped into the icy river! #worthit

After the shots along the river we headed back to the hotel to get the Mayor of Wallace, Idaho (Lynn Mogensen)! Yes, the Mayor is the one who would be marrying the two. After an exciting ride up to the top of the mountain the two said “I do” right as the sun was preparing to set. After sticking around and capturing that sunset while their sweet puppy Peridot ran free. We did end up getting a few shots with him and his cute little bandana beforehand.

Their mountain top elopement was a day filled with so much goodness. A very relaxed event that just focused on two people and their love.

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bride wearing lacy wedding gown walking down stairs to elopement
bride and groom kissing on waterfall in wallace idaho. Bride wears lacy gown, and groom wearing brown vest
bride and groom embracing and laughing while celebrating recent mountain top elopement
bride and groom embrace after mountain top elopement while wearing wedding gown and groom in white shirt and vest
groom holds bride near waterfall while bride holds bridal bouquet with red flowers and sunflowers at mountain top elopement
bride and groom kissing at waterfall after mountain top elopement
couple getting married by mayor of Wallace, Idaho at mountain top elopement
couple getting married during mountain top elopement
couple getting married in Idaho
newly married couple hugging and laughing while celebrating recent elopement
bride and groom being announced husband and wife and kissing
bride and groom hugging at sunset elopement
wedding ring detail shots on ground in mountain top elopement
bride and groom kissing at sunset while bride wears a strappy back wedding gown at mountain top elopement
brown dog wearing bandana celebrating couple's recent marriage
groom holding bride during sunset bridals at mountain top elopement
groom on top of bride's back smiling and laughing
bride and groom laughing and celebrating elopement
groom holding bride and kissing her during sunset bridals
newly married couple embracing during sunset
newly married couple kneeling in wedding attire with dog at mountain top elopement
brown dog with white nose wearing wedding bandana
bride and groom hugging and kissing at sunset
bride and groom with back turned at sunset holding hands
black and white image of bride and groom holding hands
bride and groom holding hands and looking off into sunset after mountain top elopement

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