What Comes With Your Package?


Every package comes with some killer perks BUT each one gets one of these babies, a print box. They’re exactly what they sound like, boxes that hold prints. They are a fun and acute way to keep your memories and the best part you get to choose which images get printed! Depending on your package you get a particular amount of images with your box (but you can always add more). Each image comes in metallic with a classic white border printed to perfection.

With your prints the box also holds our glass USB with all of the wedding day photos from bridal and maybe even engagements. As a personal piece to the boxes I put a personal thank you note to my clients because I truly love and appreciate each one of them! I honestly wouldn’t be able to put all of the love into my work if it wasn’t for them.






One thing that doesn’t come with each package but I think everyone needs is an album! I LOVE putting these together and showcasing your full day throughout the album that holds those memories for everyone to see. I love the continuation of metallic from front to back, and who doesn’t want a cohesive wedding package?

The pages a seamless and lay all the way across so images can cover the entire spread, which is great for large groups or gorgeous shots of just the couple. I do a full sample layout for you and then we go through the pages and you let me know if you would rather swap or completely change out the images, based on your preferences. It’s your day so you get to pick which memories are the most important to you guys.






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