Sierra + Joel | Lewiston, ID


These two love birds were SO much fun to work with! Sierra is actually my sister in law and this is one of the first times that we’ve actually been able to visit and hang out since I joined the family nearly 5 years ago! It was one of the hottest days I think I’ve ever shot a session, poor Joel was dying by the end but as men do, he did it for his girl! I honestly think we were all sticky and sweaty before we finished but it was so worth it! We got completely covered in grassy pokies and I think I lost the socks I was wearing to the grass, they were just a mess.

These two are so good for each other and bring out the sweetest parts of one another I am so glad that we got this time to spend together. I think that when we shoot again in the future we’re going to pick a MUCH cooler day and a place that isn’t covered in pokies. I was a little worried with how the images would turn out because of how crazy it was! I am pleased to say that these images are stinking cute and made me laugh the entire time I was editing their session. Enjoy their goofy kind of love.

ALSO! I added a behind the scenes video from my YouTube as well so you can see for yourself how the session went down.






Skip the scroll and enjoy this behind the scenes video from this session! (Go to 0:40 to start the actual session part.)








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